Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Who is this guy?

Thanks for visiting!

Welcome and allow me to introduce myself to those of you I've not met.

I'm currently living in the Solomons Islands with my wife Michaela Farrington who has a great blog you can also check out. We're working on a conservation project on the remote and beautiful Tetepare Island - a 120 square kilometre slice of tropical paradise which was mysteriously abandoned by its inhabitants more than 150 years ago.

As a young fella, I unearthed a seething nest of travel and photo bugs. This wasn't nearly as painful as it sounds and before long I was on the way to recovery, but travel itch remains.

I’ve since dedicated years to soothing those itches, via the nunataks of Antarctica, the lamas of Tibet, and the ashrams of India.

I’ve dived the reefs of Australia, South East Asia and the Pacific, trekked across mountain passes in Nepal and slept in yurts with nomadic Kyrgyz families.

I’ve been lucky enough to be commissioned by Lonely Planet to shoot cities books and sections of coffee table books, including assignments in Mexico, Belize, San Salvador, South Korea and Japan.

But neither bitter Kyrgyz kumys, nor smooth Belizean Beliken beer has cured my hankering for a peripatetic life.

I’m now fulfilling one of my other lifelong dreams of working on a conservation project. The project is based on the incredible Tetepare island in the Solomon Islands and many of the blog posts are about my time here.

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